We are in a digital age that shapes every aspect of our daily lives – connected socially and technologically more than ever.

Hello, I’m Rochelle, a Digital Business Strategist, a technologist focused on web and software development, business and data analytics, and innovative, data-driven solutions.

I work with organizations to improve their digital footprint and make well-informed, data-driven decisions. I’m passionate about the practical use of technology to solve real-world problems and the digital connectivity in the intersection of people, information, and technology.

As a front-end web developer, I thrived in creating user-friendly, interactive web applications that seamlessly blend design and function. I’ve learned the importance of user experience, accessibility, and how data-driven insights can guide the evolution of digital platforms.

My goal is to combine my technical expertise with a keen interest in data to unlock valuable insights, drive business growth, and make well-informed decisions. I am excited to harness my skills in web development and merge them with the world of data analytics to create meaningful and actionable solutions.

Code & Development

I write code – currently focused on web development using HTML, PHP, CSS, MySQL, JavaScript (Angular, React, Node), jQuery, AJAX, PHP7.x/8.x, Linux, MariaDB/MySQL, and Python/Django. Experience building responsive sites using WordPress including custom themes, plugins, and ACF to create custom post types.

Financial Technology

Integrating my years of technology experience with my passion for finance, I focus on the websites and applications that offer financial literacy, resources, and tools in personal finance & economic empowerment in the areas of FinTech, cryptocurrency, P2P crowdfunding, and digital asset management.


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