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I’m an online business strategist focused on business development, digital strategy, and internet marketing.

How Small Businesses are Using Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

LinkedIn conducted a study to investigate how small businesses are using social media, and whether it’s worth the investment. You might be surprised by what they found: 94% of survey respondents who use social media said they use it for marketing, and 3 in 5 say social solves for the core business challenge of attracting…Read More →

6 Online Tips for Small Business Websites


In this digital era, a website is the face of your business and provides information to your customers 24/7. Your website can share your services and expertise with millions of online users. Here are six key tips to make sure your business is properly designed to engage and inform. Keep It Super Simple (KISS) Make…Read More →

Don’t Lose Money, Test Your Small Business Ideas in 6 Steps


I really want to start a business doing interior design but don’t have a lot of money. I have a business plan but keep getting turned down from banks. I haven’t worked outside the home for almost five years as I chose to be a stay-at-home mom. I am looking to start a small business to supplement my income now that my son is back in school. How do I start without blowing my savings?…Read More →

Follow Friday: 30 Amazing Women on Twitter


Here’s my  Follow Friday list of 30 amazing women who motivate and inspire me on Twitter. Candice Stennett @CandiceStennett Marketing Manager at SCORE – Inspired by those that see the opportunity in every challenge. Savvypreneur™ @Savvypreneur A business & intellectual property attorney educating & empowering #solopreneurs, passionpreneurs & #smallbiz w/ tools to build a sustainable…Read More →

Not Sure How Much to Charge? Learn How to Calculate Your Rates

Calculate Your Rates

I run a small event planning company focused on birthday and retirement parties. I pretty much cater to small children and senior citizens. There aren’t a lot of local businesses similar to mine – most event planners tend to focus on weddings. With limited competition, how do I determine my rates? I don’t know if…Read More →